• yama paws / 1°0 collar olive

yama paws / 1°0 collar olive

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This season we highlight a capsule collection of walk accessories, featuring outdoor-inspired modern finish. Made of top-notch polypro belt from Japan, it is lightweight, strong, extremely durable and waterproof. 1°0 capsule collection comes with a collar, extended harness and a leash.   

Product details:

  • collar only. To complete the full walkie set, you may also purchase harness extender and leash
  • polypro belt with padded mesh fabric underneath with extra comfort and protection
  • coated carbon steel and metal buckle
  • weight capacity: 100kg

Models wear:
Kaming (Pomeranian) - weight: 2.8kg / size S
Maro (Lilac British Short Hair) - weight: 5.3kg / size S
Moku (Cream British Short Hair) - weight: 6.7kg / size S
Miujai (Bicolour British Short Hair) - weight: 6.9kg / size S
Yuzu (Shiba Inu) - weight: 6.3kg / size M
WooWoo (Shiba Inu) - weight: 8.3kg / size M
MaoMao (Mongrel) - weight: 17kg / size M
Princeton (Standard Poodle) - weight: 23kg / size M

Size guide:
Yama Paws is designed to fit with the following body measurements. If you are looking for a custom size or unsure about your paws size, please drop us a line at info@momo-tone.com 


Neck (cm)

XS 18-26cm
S 25-35cm
M 32-55cm
L 50-60cm