our models

They have great posture, fluidity of movement, coordination and fitness (maybe). They rock catwalk very well.
  • chiu king

    How can I contour my face?

  • momoa

    My name is Momoa, neither Momo nor Mo Moa!

  • gizmo

    Wanna sign up to my fans club?

  • mika

    My cute secret: biting papers.

  • gut gut

    Want my sexy legs?

  • guo guo

    I'm a real babydoll.

  • tai bo

    Am I a raw chicken to you?

  • lau sing

    I'm fierce - you can tell!

  • lola

    aka Exploring Dog.

  • albie

    Fluffy marshmallow I'm.

  • jasper

    Any beauty tips for panda eyes?

  • mobile

    My mum's momotone's official photographer.

  • bagel & waffle

    Our names are prolly inspired by a foodie mum.

  • spencer

    It's my fave toy!

  • gale force, princeton & orlando

    We are bros.

  • carper

    I'm a foodie, no kidding.

  • pebble

    Everyone calls me a good boi.

tung tung

Originally a stray, I was rescued by Hug and Home, a renowned place for "pig farming". Thanks to their care unconditionally — not only I've put up a lot of weights, I've also found a forever loving home.

  • lefty

    My imaginary friend is called Righty.

  • bei kei

    I eat, and my pawrents drink.

  • oobi

    Don't spell my name wrong again.

tong yuen