our models

momotone never train our models. Our models were all born to be superstars. They have great posture, fluidity of movement, coordination and fitness (maybe). They rock catwalk very well. Learn more about our models / muses below.
We hope their information will be useful for size guide. Kindly note that if your paws are very fluffy. You may consider to go for one size up. 

Chiu King

girl / size M / exotics shorthair
birthday: 14 August 2013
weight: 4.3kg
food: everything
hobbies: sleep, eat, bully Momoa
tricks: snore 
what draws her attention: food, toys

*size note: the standard size for Chiu King's body is S. However, she is very fluffy, so she wears size M in momotone



boy / size XS / seal pointed Sphynx
birthday: 21 Feb 2018
weight: 3.9kg
food: everything
hobbies: eat, ask for attention 
tricks: run like a deer
what draws his attention: food, toys, Chiu King, mama



boy / size XXS / bicolour Sphynx
birthday: 29 Aug 2019 
weight: 2.5kg
food: everything, cat litter
hobbies: destroy everything, jump
tricks: destroy, chew cat litter
what draws his attention: mama



girl / size M / Boston Terrier
birthday: 27 Dec 2015
weight: 6kg
measurement: neck 31cm / chest 47cm 
food: chicken drumsticks, apple
hobbies: biting craft papers, ball chasing
tricks: roll, spin, hands up
what draws her attention: any food


Gut Gut

boy / size S / Dachshund
birthday: 24 Oct 2019
weight: 5.3kg
favorite food: any kind of food 
hobbies: eating 
tricks: sit, stay, hand
what draws his attention: food


Lau Sing

girl / size XXS / Devon Rex
birthday: 26 April 2019
weight: 2.5kg
favorite food: chicken fillet, freeze dried shrimps 
hobbies: bully other cats, play with toys 
tricks: she likes to manage people
what draws her attention: food


Guo Guo

girl / size XXS / Devon Rex
birthday: 18 Dec 2019
weight: 2.4kg
favorite food: raw food, freeze dried chicken 
hobbies: play with toys, looking out windows for hours 
tricks: being extremely curious, purring anytime
what draws her attention: food, toys


Tai Bo

girl / size XXXS / Sphynx
birthday: 2020
weight: 2kg
favorite food: raw food, chicken fillet, cat snacks 
hobbies: play with toys, asking for attention 
tricks: if humans ignore her, she will scream and yell at people
what draws her attention: food, toys, humans