With environment and functionality at the fore, SS23 series are designed with quality, wearability and longevity in minds.

Equipped with luxe sustainable water-repellent fabrics from Italy, our signature Yama Paws® collection keep your paws moving in style no matter the conditions.

Yama Paws® collection

  • yama paws / bucket hat green
  • yama paws / bucket hat green

yama paws / bucket hat green

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Vision collection

The Vision collection continues to pay homage to Japanese roots. It carefully integrates nature into its creations for optimal comfort and style.

Accented with vegan apple leather and premium water-repellent fabrics from Japan, the Vision collection’s Saddle neckwear balances aesthetics with comfort. This natural element fabric is made using apple residues and wood fibre. USDA certified, PETA approved and EU REACH compliance have been achieved.