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  • free the nipple / navy
  • free the nipple / navy
  • free the nipple / navy

    free the nipple / navy

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    Cats usually have 8 nipples while an average of 8-10 for dogs. In support of the "Free the Nipple" movement, your paws want to wear a top when they are not ready to completely Free the Nipple! All momotone designs come with signature logo patch at back hem. 

    *Note that nipples are very delicate. They may fall off. We provide 90 days nipple warranty starting from the date of purchase. Customers can easily put nipples back on the clothing with an iron. Kindly contact us if you need any assistance. 

    Product details:

    • double neck with a contrast panel neck
    • short sleeves
    • regular stretch fabric
    • comes with 8 Iron-on flock nipples that has a velvet touch. We are happy to add up to 12 nipples. Kindly contact us if you want more nipples. 

    Models wear:
    momoa (pointed sphynx) - XS
    gizmo (bicolour sphynx) - XXS

    Size guide:
    The table below shows actual clothing measurements. Our clothing is made in regular stretch fabrics. If you are looking for a custom size or unsure about your paws size, please drop us a line at info@momo-tone.com


    Neck (cm)

    Chest (cm)

    Body length (cm)

    Suggested for
    XXXS 23 32 24 < 2kg
    XXS 24 34 26 2-3kg
    XS 25 36 27 3-4kg
    S 26 38 28.5 4-5kg
    M 28 40 30 5-6kg
    L 30 43 31 6-7kg
    XL 34 47 35 > 7kg