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    This is a tribute collection to Wes Anderson and the childhood fantasy he has created. Moonrise reinterprets scout's classic neckerchief style and creates a cute little reversible accessory for your paws. This neckerchief can be worn on both sides, as good things come in pairs! All momotone designs come with signature logo patch at back hem.

    Product details:

    • reversible
    • regular organic cotton

    Models wear:
    Bagel (Beagle) - medium size dog / size: L

    Size guide:
    The table below shows actual clothing measurements. Our clothing is made in regular stretch fabrics. If you are looking for a custom size or unsure about your paws size, please drop us a line at info@momo-tone.com


    Neck (cm)

    Recommended for
    S 26 hairless or shorthaired cats, small size dogs
    M 31
    shorthaired cats, small size dogs
    L 44
    medium size dogs
    XL 74
    large size dogs