5 things about momotone

5 things about momotone

momotone is more than a designer petwear brand. We want to create a better world, through emphasising animal welfare, sustainability and the importance of quality design.


Made in Hong Kong 
Hong Kong used to be a manufacturing & production hub for textile & fashion industry. The economy development shifted the city focus to banking and finance and the rise of property price makes it very difficult for textile & fashion industry to survive. We love our roots and we are always proud of the quality of Hong Kong made products. We partner with an extremely rare garment factory in Hong Kong for clothing production. The production chain is slow, yet this is the basis for our values and we strive to secure collective memory of Hong Kong's legacy.


Crafted with premium fabrics from Japan
Our products are all made with premium & eco Japanese fabrics. Many hi-end international brands are using the same supplier. We continue to find ways in which we can develop and innovate our clothing, aiming to design a better planet. 


Sustainable packaging
We come from creative background, which we are very aware of waste generated from production. We strongly believe we are responsible for what we produce, to ensure it doesn't end up as waste. All our packaging is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, printed with soy-based inks and designed to be entirely recyclable.


Quality, modern aesthetics
We strongly believe in the power of design. Fast fashion is not our thing. We continue to weave design, quality and modernity together, to ensure our products are above standard. 


Made for animals
We understand our end users are animals. As animal lovers, we design mindfully to ensure all-day wearing comfort. During our research & development process, we've done many trials & errors to create perfect cut and sizing. momotone provides at least 5 standard sizes and maximum 7 sizes based on styles, that fit both cats and dogs, ranging from infant to large sized dogs. 


Does above features tick all the boxes for your next statement petwears from momotone?