meet the rescues behind moonrise collection

momotone always loves to bring you the best new faces and beautiful stories behind the scene. We are pleased to introduce fresh faces that are sure to become the new catwalk or dogwalk darlings. They all may have been through sad lives before adoption. They are all so lucky to get spoiled by their parents now.

There are tons of dogs and cats waiting for their loving homes. Hoomans, please make sure you can love your furry friends more than yourself before rehoming them!

*Part of the income from Moonrise will be donated to an animal shelter in Hong Kong. 


Lola, mixed-breed
Owner's name: Steph Lown

Lola was rescued from the China meat trade and brought to Hong Kong by a kind lady who rescues dogs in Dongguan. When Lola isn’t following anyone with food or enjoying head rubs, she is jumping, climbing gates, or hanging herself out of a car window, enjoying life in the city!


Albie, Samoyed
Owner's name: Joey

So basically I met Albie through my friend who started fostering him about 1.5 yrs ago. I met Albie through a farewell party/ friends gathering that his foster family house. at that time, I never really thought about getting a pet and I never had one when I grew up. but I found Albie super cute when I first saw him. I m those super hygenic person and have lots of house rules. but somehow I feel ok playing with Albie even he drool a lot 😅

After this first meet up, I learn more about foster and adoption through my friend. she started teaching me how I should take care of dogs etc and started to take Albie to my place for day trip once a week. I did that for a few weeks then I started having him with me over weekend. I guess this last for around 3 months before I consider myself ready to give him a forever home.

Friends around me was quite shocked as my first dog is a middle to large size dog which takes lots of commitment. but I'm truly thankful to have him around me. I learnt a lot and I also strongly recommend anyone who looking for a dog tries to be a foster. make sure you are ready before you adopt. there are so many friendly and helpful people around to provide you guidance before you are ready. 


Mobile, French Bulldog
Owner's name: Leungmo

Touching story coming soon :p


Jasper, mixed breed
Owner's name: Steph Lai

We adopted him from Tails Lantau. There were a few people in line wanting to adopt him but we were lucky enough to be able to adopt him! We took him home in September when he was about 3 months old.

We went to Lantau 1 week before we adopted him to meet him, and it really was love at first sight! I kept resisting and saying no but 1 hour after meeting him, we already chose his name, and then the next week we got him :)


Bagel & Waffle, Beagles
Owner's name: Phoebe


I spent my first 2-3 years in a dirty cage and did nothing but bred puppies. But one day, some HKDR staffs rescued me and all my friends from the breeder. I had my first walk, first bath, and finally a taste of freedom and a name to call my own! Hooman said she wasn’t expecting a new family member but couldn’t resist my cuteness and decided to bring me home after meeting me for only 10 minutes! Ever since day 1, I’ve been pampered like a princess for being such a good girl. I’ve never destroyed anything, peed/pooped in the house or barked. But everything was so new to me, I was scared of strangers and loud noises e.g. doors slamming, trucks passing by and thunderstorm. With a lot of patience and treats, I have overcame my fears and transformed from a scaredy-dog into a Doctor Pet to spread love to humans in need! 


I was adopted from HKDR shortly after I was rescued from the breeder. But it’s my first time living in a home, I had no idea where to pee/poop, what’s the right thing to chew on or how to walk nicely on a leash. I was then abandoned again for being too active. Hooman then saw a video of me getting along with other doggy friends at the homing centre and thought that I would make a great playmate for Pretzel! And that’s true! We played all day and night ever since I’ve arrived at my new forever home!