• yama paws / sade rain parka orange
  • yama paws / sade rain parka orange
  • yama paws / sade rain parka orange
  • yama paws / sade rain parka orange

    yama paws / sade rain parka orange

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    Yama Paws Sade Rain Parka — the first waterproof rain parka of its kind, offering you unmatched comfort and an iconic style that will last for years. Constructed from a super high-performance material, this rain parka provides waterproof protection and excellent breathability while maintaining high levels of moisture permeability.

    The chest piece is constructed with Cordura® ripstop fabric, which boasts superior water-resistance, durability, and scuff, tear, and abrasion-resistance. It also features a detachable hood that provides extra options and a night reflective drawstring for added contrast. 

    The fabric boasts water repellency and waterproof performance, and is designed to quickly disperse moisture that accumulates inside the material to the outside. It has a water resistance rating of 11,000mm, and a moisture permeability rate of 8,500g/mi/24hr.

    Product details:

    • outer fabric: breathable waterproof fabric and Cordura® ripstop fabric
    • inner fabric: breathable mesh
    • notched back featuring a flap pocket securing closure.
    • functional pockets
    • adjust to fit with ultra-soft velcro waist belts 

    Models wear:
    FooFoo (Domestic Shorthair Ginger) - weight: 3.3kg / size XS
    Mimi Jai (Domestic Shorthair Bicolour) - weight: 3.8kg / size XS
    Gizmo (Sphynx) - weight: 4kg / size XS
    Momo (Pomeranian) - weight: 3.8kg / size S
    Harddisk (Frenchie) - weight: 10kg / size L
    Muddy (Mongrel) - weight: 17kg / size LL
    Momo (Golden Retriever) - weight: 30kg / size XL

    Size guide:
    Yama Paws is designed to fit with the following product measurements. If you are looking for a custom size or unsure about your paws size, please drop us a line at info@momo-tone.com 


    Neck (cm)

    Waist (cm)

    Body length (cm)

    Suggested for
    XS 28
    32-50 27 3-4kg
    S 31 38-56 29
    M 38 39-64 31.5 5-6kg
    L 40 42-72 32.5 6-9kg
    LL 48 50-90 43.5 > 9kg
    XL 60 56-112 65 > 25kg