The SS24 collection combines whimsical design with practicality. Crafted with a blend of creativity and purpose, the SS24 collection offers customers a unique combination of aesthetic appeal and everyday convenience.

Yama Paws® collection

Presenting coordinated apparel sets

Pair Yama Paws Cedar Harness Jacket with our first-ever human wear, the Yama Paws Cedar Hooman Vest, to create a delightful matching outfit.

Available in both female and male sizes.

  • Yama Paws Cedar Hooman Vest

    Crafted from superior water-resistant fabric, this vest boasts a sleek cut and understated design details. It also has hidden pockets for extra utility.

  • Yama Paws Cedar Harness Jacket

    This versatile piece can be used either as a jacket or a harness. Its features include water resistance, breathability, enhanced comfort, durability, and oil resistance.

  • Yama Paws / 1°0 Petite Leash Blue

    Made of top-notch polypro belt from Japan, it is lightweight, strong, extremely durable and waterproof.

yama paws / cedar hooman vest black

Seed Collection

The Seed Collection adheres to our sustainable design ethos. The collection features environmentally-friendly materials and practices in line with our commitment to sustainability.

Asteroid Collection

The essence of the Asteroid Collection lies in its playful, unconventional, and textural elements. Not only are they stylish to wear, they also serve a practical purpose.


Constructed with high-quality Japanese fabrics / manufactured in Hong Kong.