• asteroid / padded neckwear navy
  • asteroid / padded neckwear navy
  • asteroid / padded neckwear navy

    asteroid / padded neckwear navy

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    The essence of the Asteroid Collection lies in its playful, unconventional, and textural elements. Upgrade your neckwear game with Asteroid / Padded Neckwear. Crafted with top-notch Japanese knitted material, this piece not only offers unbeatable comfort but also includes a waterproof triangle accessory. The unique triangle shape and brand tag make a bold statement, combining fashion with expert craftsmanship. Make a lasting impression with our top-notch neckwear.

    Caution: choking hazard - small parts may pose a risk. Please exercise caution if your pets have a tendency to chew and swallow non-food items.

    Product details:

    • circle piece made of knitted fabric with extra padding
    • triangle piece made of water-repellent fabric
    • buckle fastening
    • stuffed brand tag

    Models wear:
    Mochi (Devon Rex) - weight: 3kg / size XS
    Monsta (Devon Rex) - weight: 3.8kg / size XS
    Gizmo (Sphynx) - weight: 4.2kg / size XS
    Boris (Poodle) - weight: 3.5kg / size S
    Berry (Mongrel) - weight: 20kg / size M
    Boba (Long hair Mongrel) - weight: 23kg / size L

    Size guide:
    The table below shows actual clothing measurements. Our clothing is made in regular stretch fabrics. If you are looking for a custom size or unsure about your paws size, please drop us a line at info@momo-tone.com

    Size Recommended for neck size
    XS 18-24cm
    S 25-32cm
    M 33-41cm
    L 42-58cm