• seed / indra sweater dusty pink
  • seed / indra sweater dusty pink
  • seed / indra sweater dusty pink

    seed / indra sweater dusty pink

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    Seed Collection advances modern design principles and creative approaches, incorporating subtle features and expert craftsmanship. This Indra Sweater was constructed with fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, creating a lightweight garment that is further enhanced with decorative detailing from Japan.

    Recycled bottles are transformed into fabric sheets. 100% of recycled materials are employed in production. Compared to using new yarn, CO2 emissions are reduced by 77%. Enjoy an infinite lifespan of use.



    Product details:

    • incredibly soft and spongy texture
    • offers breathable comfort
    • relaxed cut

    Models wear:
    FooFoo (Domestic Shorthair Ginger) - weight: 3.3kg / size XS
    Mimi Jai (Domestic Shorthair Bicolour) - weight: 3.8kg / size XS
    Gizmo (Sphynx) - weight: 4kg / size XS
    Momo (Pomeranian) - weight: 3.8kg / size S
    Harddisk (Frenchie) - weight: 10kg / size L

    Size guide:
    Indra Sweater is designed to fit with the following product measurements. If you are looking for a custom size or unsure about your paws size, please drop us a line at info@momo-tone.com 


    Neck (cm)

    Chest (cm)

    Body length (cm)

    Suggested for
    XS 22
    26 3-4kg
    S 26 42
    M 30
    45 29.5
    L 34
    XL 36 56 37